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A self help tool for renters affected by family violence

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Your personalised letter

Here is your personalised letter based on the safety needs you have. You can send this to your real estate agency or rental provider.

If you chose to receive your letter by email, a copy has also been sent to you which you can forward to your real estate or rental provider.

How to use your letter

Step 1: Fill in any sections marked with an asterix (*)

Step 2: Attach a copy of the intervention order or safety notice (showing the excluded person who has been using violence against you or your children).  

Step 3: Send your request to your real estate agency or rental provider. We recommend sending this by email if possible so that you have a record of it. 

What if the rental provider or real estate agent refuses or doesn’t comply?

If your rental provider refuses your request, you should speak to a lawyer about your options.

For free legal help with your tenancy and housing related to family violence:

  • Justice Connect’s Homeless Law can provide legal & social work support to people who are facing homelessness, including renters who are facing family violence.
  • Tenants Victoria can provide legal help and advice over the phone to renters experiencing family violence.
  • Victoria Legal Aid can provide legal information or advice to renters over the phone or by webchat.

See our Where to Get Help page for family violence, housing and financial services that might be able to help you.

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