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Home of Your Own

A self help tool for renters affected by family violence

If family violence has affected your rental situation, you have rights and options.

Victorian rental laws are designed to protect people experiencing any form of family violence from a family member, partner or carer, even if you are not on the lease.

To understand your rights and options, and what you can do to safely stay in or leave a rental, simply answer a few anonymous questions.

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Need help right now? Find immediate support with safety or finding somewhere to stay.

Understanding family violence and renting

Home of Your Own is an online self-help tool that provides options for renters who have experienced family violence (also known as domestic violence), including making your home safer, or dealing with housing and financial impacts of abuse.

Family violence is any behaviour from a partner, caregiver, family member or guardian that makes you fear for your safety or wellbeing or that controls you.

Family violence is not only physical violence. It also includes violent threats, stalking, controlling behaviour, unwanted sexual behaviour, verbal and financial abuse.

When renting, violent or controlling behaviour can cause damage, affect your ability to pay rent, or impact your rental agreement and rental history.

Who is this tool for?

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This information may apply to you if:

  • You live in or have recently left a private rental property in Victoria

  • You feel unsafe in your rental due to family violence

  • A family violence relationship has affected your rental, even if you are not on the lease

If you are unsure, but you are experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Victoria, you can apply for further legal help from Justice Connect or access other services who can assist.

Dear Landlord - our other tool for renters

Justice Connect has also created Dear Landlord, a free online self-help tool designed for Victorian renters, who have fallen behind in rent to understand their rights and options, and take proactive steps to avoid eviction.

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Where can I get help?

Get more legal support

If you are experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Victoria, apply online for legal assistance from Justice Connect's Homeless Law on 03 8636 4408 or 1800 606 313 (free from landlines).

To find additional free legal services, explore here.

Family violence support

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call triple zero (000).

If you are experiencing or at risk of family violence in Victoria, Safe Steps (1800 015 188, freecall 24/7) can help you find somewhere safe to go.

For support across Australia, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732, freecall 24/7) or visit 1800respect.org.au for webchat & text message options.

Other support services

For housing support in Victoria, you can call 1800 825 955 (freecall, 24/7) to speak to a local housing support worker.

For financial issues, National Debt Helpline can assist with money issues and financial counselling, including support for financial hardship caused by family violence.

Find the right support service for you.